All Case Results

Fraud Action on Goods Sold

Our client was a Guatemala Manufacturer who sold goods to a reseller in the United States.  The client was tricked into continuously selling goods on a false representation.  After a Bench Trial, Thomas Ryu obtained a Judgment for $669,127.28.  Post-Judgment, Defendants appealed.  Thomas Ryu argued the matter in the Appellate Court and the Appellate Court affirmed upholding the Judgment.  Post-Appeal, Defendants filed for Bankruptcy which Thomas Ryu was able to have the Bankruptcy Dismissed.

Demand: $550,070.85

Trial: $669,127.28

Personal Injury – Slip and Fall

Our client tripped and fell at his place of business where the landlord left construction debris on the premises. Ryu Weimortz Murphy filed a lawsuit for Premises Liability. After over a year of litigation, Thomas J. Ryu and Nathan Yun were able to settle this matter for $150,000.00.

Settled: $150,000.00

Non-Contact Sexual Harassment

Our clients were employees of a restaurant. With their sexual orientation being Lesbian, the managers sent derogatory texts and made derogatory remarks alluding to their sexual orientation. Ryu Weimortz Murphy filed a lawsuit for Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination based on Sexual Orientation. After months of litigation, Thomas Ryu and James Murphy were able to settle this matter for $185,000.00

Settled: $185,000.00

Breach of Loan

Our client was sued for over $11,000,000.00 for a Breach of Loan Agreement secured by all of his businesses and a personal guaranty by a major bank where there was no defense. After accrued interest the Judgment was in excess of $16,000,000.00. After years of legal maneuvering and negotiations, Thomas Ryu was able to negotiate a settlement for $350,000.00 approximately 2% of the Judgment amount.

Judgment: $16,000,000.00

Settled: $350,000.00

Female Client, Police Officer, January 2018

Our client was arrested for domestic battery against her former boyfriend.  Both parties were police officers.  Joe Weimortz and James Murphy put together a packet of investigation for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the LA District Attorney’s Office, East LA Branch to review.  We were able to show our client suffered emotional and physical abuse for years at the hands of the alleged victim.  The District Attorney’s Office declined to file charges against our client and she was able to move on with her law enforcement career.

Securities Lawsuit by SEC

Our client was sued by the Securities Exchange Commission for Securities Fraud. Our client allegedly misused and funneled $7,210,000.00 entrusted to her by clients who sought Green Cards through US investments. After lengthy negotiations with the SEC, Thomas Ryu was able to negotiate a settlement for $105,463.16 which was less than 1.5% of the demand.

Demand: $7,210,000.00

Settled: $105,463.16

Assault & Battery on Admitted Liability

This was an Assault & Battery matter filed by a Parking Attendant against our client. After an argument at a parking lot, our client admitted to kicking the Plaintiff. Plaintiff sued alleging that he had two shoulder surgeries and a wrist surgery demanding $2,000,000.00 in general damages and $10,000,000.00 in punitive damages. After a mediation with his former attorney, our client’s former attorney stated that our client needed to come up to $450,000.00 to settle this case, or that he will lose at trial and will lose much more than $450,000.00. Our client fired the former attorney and hired Ryu Weimortz Murphy to try this case. After a 7 -Day Jury Trial with Joe Weimortz and Thomas Ryu trying the case, the Jury deliberated for only 2 hours and came back with a Defense Verdict stating that our client won on all counts and did not owe any money to Plaintiff.

Demand: $2,000,000.00
Trial: Defense Verdict

Male Client, UCLA Student, March 2017

Our client was accused by a female UCLA student of Domestic Violence at an off-campus party in Santa Monica.  Our client was arrested by UCLA Police Department, who recommended charges to the District Attorney of Felony Domestic Violence and Felony Kidnapping.  The alleged victim also filed a civil harassment restraining order against our client.  Our client was also kicked off UCLA campus pending an investigation by the University.

Our firm handled all three aspects of the client’s legal matter: criminal investigation, civil restraining order, and University investigation.  Our team immediately went to work and had our investigators interview all witnesses to the alleged domestic violence.  We were able to show that our client was actually the victim and simply defended himself when attacked.  Attorney Joe Weimortz contacted the Los Angeles County DA’s Office out of Airport Courthouse and provided them with our investigation and analysis, which showed our client had an absolute self-defense claim.  The DA’s Office declined to file any charges against our client.

 Attorney James Murphy handled the clients civil harassment restraining order in the Santa Monica Courthouse.  The hearing took place over a four day period with six witnesses testifying.  James was able to impeach the alleged victims credibility throughout the hearing and present testimony from witnesses that proved our client was innocent of the alleged victims false claims.  The Judge dismissed the restraining order action against our client.

Joe Weimortz also represented the client in his disciplinary hearings with UCLA.  Joe’s advocacy and interaction with UCLA led to our client being fully reinstated as a student at UCLA.  Our team effort helped save our client’s future against false claims, which had the potential to ruin his life.