Civil Plaintiff

Fraud Action on Goods Sold

Our client was a Guatemala Manufacturer who sold goods to a reseller in the United States.  The client was tricked into continuously selling goods on a false representation.  After a Bench Trial, Thomas Ryu obtained a Judgment for $669,127.28.  Post-Judgment, Defendants appealed.  Thomas Ryu argued the matter in the Appellate Court and the Appellate Court affirmed upholding the Judgment.  Post-Appeal, Defendants filed for Bankruptcy which Thomas Ryu was able to have the Bankruptcy Dismissed.

Demand: $550,070.85

Trial: $669,127.28

Personal Injury – Slip and Fall

Our client tripped and fell at his place of business where the landlord left construction debris on the premises. Ryu Weimortz Murphy filed a lawsuit for Premises Liability. After over a year of litigation, Thomas J. Ryu and Nathan Yun were able to settle this matter for $150,000.00.

Settled: $150,000.00

Non-Contact Sexual Harassment

Our clients were employees of a restaurant. With their sexual orientation being Lesbian, the managers sent derogatory texts and made derogatory remarks alluding to their sexual orientation. Ryu Weimortz Murphy filed a lawsuit for Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination based on Sexual Orientation. After months of litigation, Thomas Ryu and James Murphy were able to settle this matter for $185,000.00

Settled: $185,000.00