Civil Defense

Breach of Loan

Our client was sued for over $11,000,000.00 for a Breach of Loan Agreement secured by all of his businesses and a personal guaranty by a major bank where there was no defense. After accrued interest the Judgment was in excess of $16,000,000.00. After years of legal maneuvering and negotiations, Thomas Ryu was able to negotiate a settlement for $350,000.00 approximately 2% of the Judgment amount.

Judgment: $16,000,000.00

Settled: $350,000.00

Securities Lawsuit by SEC

Our client was sued by the Securities Exchange Commission for Securities Fraud. Our client allegedly misused and funneled $7,210,000.00 entrusted to her by clients who sought Green Cards through US investments. After lengthy negotiations with the SEC, Thomas Ryu was able to negotiate a settlement for $105,463.16 which was less than 1.5% of the demand.

Demand: $7,210,000.00

Settled: $105,463.16

Assault & Battery on Admitted Liability

This was an Assault & Battery matter filed by a Parking Attendant against our client. After an argument at a parking lot, our client admitted to kicking the Plaintiff. Plaintiff sued alleging that he had two shoulder surgeries and a wrist surgery demanding $2,000,000.00 in general damages and $10,000,000.00 in punitive damages. After a mediation with his former attorney, our client’s former attorney stated that our client needed to come up to $450,000.00 to settle this case, or that he will lose at trial and will lose much more than $450,000.00. Our client fired the former attorney and hired Ryu Weimortz Murphy to try this case. After a 7 -Day Jury Trial with Joe Weimortz and Thomas Ryu trying the case, the Jury deliberated for only 2 hours and came back with a Defense Verdict stating that our client won on all counts and did not owe any money to Plaintiff.

Demand: $2,000,000.00
Trial: Defense Verdict